I like to consider myself a permanent work in progress.

A twenty-something college student, aspiring doctor, health educator, bibliophile, and tea aficionado.


Good Day / Nappy Roots is the ultimate feel-good song.

You can’t have a bad day after listening to this.

Starting my day off with some Nappy Roots.

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Some person was knocking very, very slowly outside the front door just now. When I turned out the lights and went to go check, no one was fucking there. So creepy. Probably a low-life passerby, but creepy nonetheless. So now I’m just sitting here with the lights out, vigilantly looking out the window for this mofo and texting my friend about it. My roommates are still back in their hometowns for another two weeks.

This is why I hate living at Berkeley.

ngogiujason :  OMG MHC is the best, you're gonna have a great time

YEEE, I’m so excited! I joined the Youth Programs Committee. Can’t wait!

■ Believe it! The Naruto DeCal


Come out and take a class all about the popular franchise Naruto worth 2 units as an English course at UC Berkeley.

Yes please


He used to call me poison

Like I was poison ivy

I could have died right there

Cause he was right beside me

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❝ If you want crappy things to stop happening to you then stop accepting crappy and demand something more. ❞

— Cristina Yang, Greys Anatomy, What Have I Done to Deserve This?; (2x19)

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