I like to consider myself a permanent work in progress.

A twenty-something college student at Berkeley. Pre-med. I like wasting time here.

Took a break from the MCAT and spent the entire day in Japantown with my mom! We were like tourists in our own city.

The neighborhood was so underwhelming, though! I honestly find Chinatown to be a lot more exciting due to its constant hustle and bustle and relentless street vendors, but hey, I still had a good time. Just look at that shoddy pagoda!

Next month I need to go ham, though. It’s do or die. 7 days a week, 8-10+ hours per day of studying. I need to make each day count, knowing that my test date is slowly creeping up. At this point of the game, the MCAT is like the final boss in Super Mario, waiting behind a door and standing in the fucking way between me and my med school dreams. I need to kick ass and give it all I got.

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